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We provide a new, vibrant and dynamic range of services for Personal Development, Business/Financial and Government/Political needs.
We serve your wishes in a professional way pointing you in the right direction and helping you reach your goals.

We are passionate about people and give wholehearted enthusiasm, invigoration and enjoyment to the task.
Our logo has both the bright guiding star as well as the magnetic compass to provide precision direction. We give the absolute best in commitment and results.

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Government/Political Consulting

Wish-consulting provide you or your business with help in dealing with government/political type matters. We can advise you and steer you a course through what can be a minefield of bureaucracy and obstacles. We are also able to carry out reports for government bodies, and government/public sector Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies.​

Personal Problem Solver and Personal Development Consulting

“Do you need a problem solved?” Wish-Consulting can solve yours. Just ask ! “passionate about people, passionate about being their problem solver” Do you need a confidant, an advisor, to assist you in work or personal issues ? Do you need accompanying to/assistance with a business or social meeting/event ? Do you need help with career enhancement /personal development issues ?​

Business/Financial Consulting

Wish-consulting provide a professional, approachable, special and unique service for small businesses of from one person to larger institutions, in all sectors of the economy, in the British Isles and overseas. Wish-consulting also offer a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy to enhance business reputation and performance.​


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Customized coaching to

achieve your goals

We can advise you and steer you a course through what can be a minefield of bureaucracy and obstacles.

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