Wish-consulting have wide knowledge of the public/government/political sectors and can provide guidance on a broad range of issues in these areas.

If you or your business need help in dealing with government/political type matters, we can advise and steer you a course through what can be a minefield of bureaucracy and obstacles.

We can also assist/represent you at meetings with public/government/political bodies with compass precision to obtain the right direction and results you Wish to achieve.

We can give guidance on how to create positive impressions on government/political bodies and individuals so that the outcome is improved perception and influence.

Wish-consulting can advise on political issues which are of concern to a company or individual/s, give political pressure group and other guidance, and assist with communications and meetings with politicians, to bring about desired outcomes.

We can provide analysis and reports on government/political matters.

Wish-consulting can advise, on the appointment of suitable Directors from those with political/government experience, where that would be beneficial to the company.

We can undertake specific projects which have government/political connections.

We can advise on government/private partnerships in a range of areas.

Wish-consulting can also provide assistance to individual politicians, in matters such as provision of short and long term staffing, research and analysis, reports, campaign and specific issue planning and management, and improvement in Personal Development skills.

We can assist government/public bodies in specific projects and tasks. We can carry out surveys,opinion polls, analyses, and reports, saving on staff time and resources, and being cost effective.

Wish-consulting offers a government and public sector Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, which improves public perception, responsibility and accountability.

We can also provide temporary staffing to cover for maternity/paternity leave, holidays, sickness, secondments, sabbaticals, etc.

We can provide exhibition, presentation and seminar assistance for government bodies.

We can give advice on public relations on general and specific political issues, as well as on public/pressure group/corporate consultative processes, political meetings, media experience, etc.

Whatever your Government/Political objective, nothing is too small or too big, we are here to assist.
We are there to assist, when you want, where you want, and to do what you want.

We have the specific expertise in the Government and Political arenas, both the UK and offshore in the Channel Islands. The Principal of Wish-consulting has had thirteen years’ experience serving as an elected Member of the Guernsey Parliament. This included six years on the Income Tax Authority where confidentiality is a prerequisite.

Wish-consulting offers all the above type services for the Charity and not for profit sector, where there is vast experience, through the Principal’s past chairmanship of a major charity.


aim to chart the right way forward, to bring about success and added value benefit for whichever task we undertake, to bring about bright aspirational guidance, so that wishes become reality.

We welcome all enquiries which are treated in the strictest confidence. We look forward very much to speaking with you and discussing YOUR WISHES…